How can I investigate a Debit Card transaction, I don't recognise, using my Online Banking?

Clients can now self-serve via Online Banking by following the below steps:

From the Online Banking 'Home' screen:

  1. Click on the account the transaction was debited from
  2. Scroll down to see more transactions, after reviewing your transactions and noting the date, Merchant Name amount and any reference as on your statement
  3. Click 'Help with a transaction' you'll to taken to a new screen, which will open in a separate browser window.
    Carefully read the information as you scroll down, as this could help you understand why you don't recognise the transaction
  4. Click 'Report a problem' if you still don't recognise the transaction, after carefully reading the information above and you have the relevant details at hand
  5. You'll be taken to our disputes screen, carefully read the information as you scroll down
  6. Once you have read the information and you're happy, Click 'Continue'
  7. We'll now ask a series of questions to understand more about you and the transaction, scroll down to continue
  8. Type in your full name, account number and sort code, then type in the last 4 digits of the Debit Card you used to make the payment with, then type in your address details including your postcode, followed by your telephone number and email address, and when you're happy all the information is correct, click 'Continue'
  9. Select the transaction date, then type in the Merchant Name and transaction amount as shown on your statement - you noted these earlier
  10. Type in the amount you wish to dispute, this could be the same or less than the full transaction amount
  11. Type in your transaction reference as shown on your statement
  12. When you are happy the details are correct, click 'Continue'
  13. You'll now be taken to a screen asking why you are querying this transaction, scroll down to review all the possible answers and select the appropriate reason
  14. You might see some information providing further details and an example of your selected reason
  15. Select whether you have attempted to contact the Merchant, then click 'Continue'
  16. Scroll down to submit your request and click 'Continue' and type in any additional information, you would like to provide
  17. Select each of the boxes in the Declaration to confirm each statement
  18. Click 'Submit form'

You have now submitted your claim, we'll send you a claim reference number by letter in 3-5 working days and may contact you for additional information within the next ten days

You can navigate back to your Online Banking home page through your separate internet browser window, although you may have been logged out automatically to protect your account

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